Donations to the Mixed Martial Arts Scholarship  Fund provide students in need access to martial arts  classes, uniforms, tournament fees, and classes to  Self Esteem Building Programs.
 We are a recognized 501(c) (3) public charity  approved in November, 2008

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*Donations can be broken into monthly increments and or stopped in the event your ninja chooses another path. 
Please submit your donations via our Pay Pal account on our website.  
Alternately, checks can be made payable to the Mixed Martial Arts Scholarship Fund, Inc and sent to our business address:                          
Mixed Martial Arts Scholarship Fund, Inc.
12 B Street,

South Boston, MA 02127

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Our main objective is to develop well rounded...

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Unlimited Judo tuition for 1 year*    
Unlimited Karate tuition for 1 year*
Unlimited Karate & Judo tuition for 1 year*
Unlimited Judo, Karate, &Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 1 year*    

Disclaimer: A ninja by the definition of our non-profit is a young man or woman who incorporates discipline, leadership, and personal fitness in all aspects of their life. The vision of our program is to build strong, healthy, respectful, leaders of tomorrow, through mixed martial arts education.

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"martial arts changed my life forever.

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School T-Shirt, Bag, & Water Bottle
Karate Gi (uniform)
Judo Gi (uniform)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi (uniform)

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Tournament fee for one local tournament
Tournament fee for one major tournament
Tournament fee and travel expenses for one national tournament